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Department of Digital Security

Recent News

Digital security is an increasingly important issue in our society. As one of the three research groups in the Institute for Computing and Information Sciences (ICIS), the Digital Security group caries out research in a wide range of topics in the (overlapping) fields of cybersecuritycryptography, and privacy.

Our research focuses on the following topics (discussed in more detail here): the design and secure implementation of symmetric cryptography and post-quantum cryptography, side-channel analysis, software security, mobile network security, online tracking, privacy design patterns, legal aspects of privacy, and user- and privacy-friendly solutions for identity management and data management.

Tackling the societal challenges of security and privacy goes beyond just the technical field of computer science. Therefore, some of our research is carried out as part of the Radboud iHUB, our university’s interdisciplinary research hub on digitalisation and society.